Understanding Your Scores

Score Report

Your score report consists of 2 parts:

  1. A score profile that identifies the score you received for each criterion, your composite score and Pass/Not Pass status. For each criterion, you will also receive feedback that can be used to improve your response in the event you decide to resubmit an entry.
  2. Instructions about next steps.

Paper Score Reports

Paper score reports will not be issued; however, you can print your online score report as many times as you wish.

Evaluating Your Scores and Resubmitting Entries

In the event you do not pass the assessment, identify those criteria on which you scored lowest. Prepare to resubmit entries addressing those with lower-scored criteria. In order to resubmit entries, you will need to register again on the ProTeach Portfolio website, choose a new submission deadline date and pay a resubmission fee. Resubmission fees vary based on the number of entries, and which entries, you choose to resubmit.

Also identify those criteria on which you scored highest. Do these scores reflect a level of performance with which you are comfortable, or would you like to strengthen your performance? If you are satisfied, identify the strongest elements of your work and consider how you can continue to improve your teaching practice.

Verification of Materials Received and Scored

After submitting your portfolio for scoring, you will be able to view your entire portfolio at any time in a "read-only" mode via your private, secure ProTeach Portfolio website. If you believe a discrepancy may have occurred during submission or during scoring, you may request that ETS conduct a verification of materials received and scored. For a fee, ETS will verify whether all of your materials were received and whether scoring of your portfolio was done correctly in accordance with all scoring protocols. This is NOT a rescoring service and the verification fee is non-refundable.

Requesting a Rescore

Scoring protocols and processes are employed to safeguard your work and make certain that you receive an accurate, fair and valid score report. However, you may request to have any entry(ies) rescored in the event you believe your scores do not adequately reflect your performance. A request for rescoring must be made prior to any registration to resubmit any or all entries. The rescoring fee varies based on the number of entries, and which entries, you submit for rescoring. You should allow 60 days from the date of your request to receive rescoring results. Your rescoring fee will be refunded only if you receive a higher composite score as a result of rescoring.

Misuse of Score Report

ProTeach Portfolio scores are intended for use in awarding the teacher professional certificate. Other use of this assessment and the scores reported is inappropriate. While not inclusive of all possible examples of misuse, two specific examples of misuse are:

  • Employment Selection or Hiring. The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) and ETS believe it is inappropriate for a state, district, school or other local education agency to differentiate among candidates who have met or exceeded the passing score on a ProTeach Portfolio or related assessment for purposes of making a selection or hiring decision. The ProTeach Portfolio performance assessment was designed for use in awarding the teacher professional certificate. It is not intended for use in rank-ordering candidates or for making decisions that presume a predictive relationship between performance on the ProTeach Portfolio and performance on the job.
  • Employment-based Decisions Affecting Fully Licensed and Employed Educators. PESB defines a fully licensed educator as one who has met all state licensure requirements and therefore is not practicing under a probationary, emergency or provisional license. PESB and ETS believe it is inappropriate for school districts or other local education agencies to use the ProTeach Portfolio and related assessment scores for determining salaries, promoting or demoting educators or completing performance appraisals/evaluations.