How Portfolios are Scored


Your ProTeach Portfolio is scored by Washington educators who meet the qualifications established by the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) and ETS. Each scorer will be trained and monitored to become an expert in only one entry. Scorers include members from the following groups of Washington educators:

  • Faculty from schools of education in institutions of higher education
  • ProTeach Portfolio support providers
  • ProTeach Portfolio school district coordinators and facilitators
  • School district administrators
  • P–12 teachers who hold a Washington professional certificate
  • P–12 teachers who hold National Board Certification

Scoring the Portfolio

Each criterion will be scored on a 4-point rubric. Score levels for each rubric are defined as follows:

Score Evaluation Quantitative and Qualitative Elements of Evidence
4 Exceeds criterion Consistent and effective
3 Criterion met Adequate and appropriate
2 Criterion partially met Partial and inconsistent
1 Criterion not met Minimal and ineffective
NS Nonscorable Blank, insufficient evidence, no artifacts attached in written commentary, flagged for possible ethics violation

Just as you would create a rubric to evaluate your students' work, the ProTeach Portfolio uses rubrics (Rubric 1, Rubric 2, Rubric 3) containing quantitative and qualitative elements of evidence (see above) for each of the professional certificate criteria.

Before a final score is awarded, the scorer reviews each criterion's rubric. Each criterion in an entry receives an individual score. When a criterion has been determined to be nonscorable, a composite score will not be calculated and a passed/not passed determination will not be made. In the event that 1 or more criterion are deemed to be nonscorable, scores received on all remaining scorable criteria will be reported.

Each entry is scored by a scorer who is an expert in that entry. In addition, 1 of your 3 entries will be scored by another expert scorer. Therefore, at least 4 scorers will be scoring your portfolio. Any criterion that receives a single score of less than 3 will be scored again and the 2 scores will be averaged. However, before averaging, if the scores differ by more than 1 point, the entry will be scored by a third scorer to ensure you receive a fair, accurate overall score. Scores are carefully analyzed by ETS psychometricians before being approved for release.

There is a total of 12 criteria and each receives a score. The 12 scores are summed to form a composite score. Therefore, you will receive 13 scores — a score for each of the 4 criteria measured in Entry 1, a score for each of the 3 criteria measured in Entry 2, a score for each of the 5 criteria measured in Entry 3 and a composite score. The passing score is based on the composite (sum) of the 12 criteria scores.

On your score report, you will see all 13 scores. For the composite score, you will receive a "Passed/Not Passed" designation in addition to the numeric score. You will receive feedback for each individual criterion based on the rubric. This feedback will be helpful when deciding whether or not to resubmit an entry.

E-mail to request additional technical information about scoring.