Registration & Submission

Registering for ProTeach Portfolio is easy. Just follow the steps outlined below and you will be on your way to earning your professional certificate.

Carefully review the entry requirements before registering and choosing a submission deadline date. You may find it helpful to open the ProTeach Portfolio Technical Guide in a separate browser window (or print a copy for your reference) and use it as you proceed through the registration process.

  1. Know When to Register

    ProTeach Portfolio registration is open and available every day of the year. Before you register online, review the assessment calendar and portfolio requirements to determine the registration window that offers the 2 submission deadline dates that best fit your schedule. The date on which you choose to register will define what is called your "registration window," and all rules and regulations of that registration window will then apply.

  2. Confirm Your Eligibility

    Access the online registration website to create your ProTeach Portfolio account. The first step in creating your account is verifying your eligibility, which you can do by entering your first and last names and your Washington residency certificate number in the space provided. If you are not immediately matched with your teacher certification information — certificate number, name, date of birth — try re-entering your information. If your record is not found or if you are deemed ineligible, you will be provided with instructions for confirming your eligibility status.

    NOTE: You must follow the instructions provided online for the situation that relates to you. Calling the ProTeach Portfolio Contact Center will not help you learn what you need to do to become eligible.

    If you are eligible, you must confirm that the onscreen record is accurate before proceeding to the next step.

  3. Create Your ProTeach Portfolio Account

    Create your personal ProTeach Portfolio account by establishing your own username and password, and verifying your e-mail address. This becomes your private, secure website for all of your ProTeach Portfolio work. Keeping your contact information current — particularly your e-mail address — is imperative, especially because all communication from ProTeach Portfolio will be via e-mail.

  4. Select Your Submission Deadline Date

    After entering your personal and professional information, you can select from the 2 submission deadline dates associated with your registration window. This is the date by which your portfolio must be submitted for scoring.

  5. Pay the Fee

    All initial candidates must pay the initial registration fee in full to begin the assessment. All fees are listed on the registration fee page. Resubmission fees vary based on the entry(ies) selected for resubmission and are also listed on the registration fee page. Payment is by credit/debit card or e-check only; no paper checks will be accepted. Once payment is made, you will be provided access to the authoring section of your ProTeach Portfolio website to begin building your portfolio submission or preparing an entry(ies) for resubmission.

    Customer service representatives are available Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Pacific Time) for those needing registration assistance. Call the ProTeach Portfolio Contact Center toll-free number at 888-9-PROTCH (888-977-6824).

  6. Agree to the Terms of Service

    By accepting the ProTeach Portfolio Terms of Service during registration, you are giving permission for your submitted portfolio to be used by Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) for research purposes leading to the development of exemplars, improvement of the assessment, establishing effective state policy or other appropriate and necessary official state business. No candidate work will be used for commercial or retail purposes.

    You also attest to the fact that your work is your own and that you have acquired and possess all signed Student Release Forms and Adult Release Forms required by the assessment.

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