Dates & Deadlines

You should choose the ProTeach Portfolio registration window that best suits your personal and professional needs. You can print the assessment calendar below — or print it from the Guides & Documentation page — to keep track of the submission deadline dates defined by the registration window you select.

All rules and regulations concerning changes, refunds and cancellations are determined by the registration window you choose.

Example of How 4 Days Can Make a Big Difference!

Choose your registration window and submission deadline date carefully. Below is a comparison of the financial and scheduling impact of two different registration choices that are only 4 days apart.

4 Days' Difference
four days can make a difference
Individual A: Registered on November 12, 2016 Individual B: Registered on November 16, 2016
Registration Window: May 1–November 15, 2016 Registration Window: November 16, 2016–April 30, 2017
(Changes, cancellations and refunds are permitted only during this period.)
Submission deadline dates (choose one): Submission deadline dates (choose one):
January 31, 2017 June 28, 2017
June 28, 2017 January 31, 2018
Fees: Fees:
$570 – initial registration fee $570 – initial registration fee
$150 – late fee
(registered during the last two weeks of the registration window)
TOTAL: $720 TOTAL: $570
Preparation Time: Preparation Time:
(Dependent on selected submission deadline date.)
2 months (if January 31, 2017 is chosen) 7 months (if June 28, 2017 is chosen)
7 months (if June 28, 2017 is chosen) 14 months (if January 31, 2018 is chosen)

ProTeach Portfolio Assessment Calendar

Registration Window Late Registration Window
(Fee Assessed)
Submission Deadline Date
(Choose One)
Score Release to Candidates Score Release to PESB, OSPI and Support Providers
11/16/17–04/15/18 04/16/18–04/30/18 June 28, 2018
January 31, 2019
August 23, 2018
March 28, 2019
August 30, 2018
April 4, 2019
05/01/18–10/31/18 11/01/18–11/15/18 January 31, 2019
June 28, 2019*
March 28, 2019
August 23, 2019
April 4, 2019
August 30, 2019
11/16/18–04/15/19 04/16/19–04/30/19 June 28, 2019* August 23, 2019 August 30, 2019

*If this option is chosen please refer to the following page for special instructions for "off-line" creation, and submission of portfolio.

NOTE: A late registration fee is assessed only if:

  1. You register during a late registration window, AND
  2. You select the earlier of the 2 submission deadline date choices.

No late registration fee is assessed if you select the later of the 2 submission deadline date choices when registering during a late registration window.

For information on how to plan your calendar and organize your time to ensure you meet your deadlines, see The Entries FAQ.