Preparing Candidates

Information for Support Providers

Criterion Feedback provides comments that support the candidate in an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each criterion within a submitted entry. The Criterion Feedback may offer valuable assistance for support providers working with candidates who have received their respective score reports and must make decisions regarding resubmission.

Resources for Support Providers

ProTeach Portfolio Support Providers: Facilitating Connections is a series of resources for support providers, available as convenient PowerPoint presentations, for individuals and groups providing candidate support. Topics include:

  1. The Role of Support Providers and Available Resources
    Covers aspects of content, technical, logistical, encouraging, and ethical support. Describes characteristics of good candidate support and identifies situations to avoid. Includes lists of resources.
  2. Evidence and Analysis
    Describes an evidence-collecting model. Offers information to guide candidates in gathering evidence, analyzing their evidence, and writing about it. Includes suggestions to use the Library of Examples with individual candidates and in groups.
  3. Artifacts as Evidence
    Includes strategies to facilitate candidates as they work with artifacts, including selecting, connecting, and writing about them. Specific suggestions to help candidates properly attach artifacts and to view their portfolio in preparation for submission.

Information for Candidates Searching for Support Providers

A number of support provider groups are available to assist you in building your portfolio. Go to the PESB website for the list of Washington State ProTeach Portfolio Support Providers.


Support Providers ONLY

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