What is the ProTeach Portfolio?

The ProTeach Portfolio is an evidence-based assessment designed for teachers seeking the Washington professional certificate. Teachers who hold a residency certificate must meet the passing score set on the ProTeach Portfolio in order to earn their professional certificate. The ProTeach Portfolio evaluates teachers on their ability to impact student* learning as stated in the 3 standardseffective teaching, professional development and professional contributions — and 12 criteria for the professional certificate approved by the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB).

All of the activities for building and submitting your portfolio will occur online. Beginning with registration, you will work within an online environment where you access a secure website to create and build your evidence-based portfolio over time. You submit your work when you are satisfied with the contents of your portfolio, or when you arrive at your submission deadline. Your portfolio will be scored online by rigorously trained Washington educators and you will receive your scores online.

Who authorized and developed the ProTeach Portfolio?

In 2007 the Washington Legislature enacted SSSB 5955, Chapter 402, to direct the PESB to set standards and to develop, pilot and implement an external and uniform assessment. As a result, teachers will be required to meet the passing score on the ProTeach Portfolio in order to earn the professional certificate.

To meet the passing score on the ProTeach Portfolio, teachers must demonstrate the required knowledge and skills (WAC 181-79A-207) that demonstrate a positive impact on student* learning. The Washington Administrative Code (WAC) further clarifies that such a teacher is defined as "a teacher, through instruction and assessment, who has been able to document students' increased knowledge and/or demonstration of a skill or skills related to the state goals and/or essential academic learning requirements" (WAC 181-78A-010(8)). The professional certificate was implemented to change the state certification system to an evidence-based system and is intended to build the capacity of teachers to provide quality learning opportunities to all students. The professional certification standards and criteria define the performance in which our P–12 students need to be engaged and the capacity needed by teachers in order to provide those learning opportunities.

How/why was the ProTeach Portfolio created?

The ProTeach Portfolio was designed by Washington educators for Washington educators. The content development team, consisting of P–12 practitioners, higher education faculty and other crucial stakeholders, designed the entry directions, rubrics and other scoring materials in alignment with the professional certificate 3 standards and 12 criteria. Educational Testing Service (ETS) provided guidance in assessment design, validity, fairness and reliability throughout the process.

How do I know the ProTeach Portfolio is a valid, reliable and fair measure of my performance?

The ProTeach Portfolio is an evidence-based assessment that adheres to industry standards regarding teacher licensure assessment. The portfolio design and requirements have undergone rigorous review not only by Washington educators, but also by a 5-member Technical Advisory Committee composed of state and national experts on teacher licensure assessment. ETS, the contractor engaged in the development, implementation and administration of the ProTeach Portfolio, is a worldwide leader in the development of valid, reliable and fair assessments of educator performance.

Successful completion of the ProTeach Portfolio will enable you to earn your professional certificate. The process of completing the portfolio should be an educative one; it is designed to help you develop and implement best practices to promote a student-centered* learning environment as well as nurture your growth as a teacher over the time you spend with students. During this process you will study standards and best practices, analyze your teaching and your impact on student* learning, try new strategies to promote a student-centered* learning environment and give and receive feedback. These activities should promote your continued professional growth and support your professional practice.

Where can I turn for guidance in building my portfolio, if I need it?

A number of support provider groups are available to assist you in the building of your portfolio. Go to www.pesb.wa.gov for a list of support providers.

Who must complete the ProTeach Portfolio?

WA State passed a bill (HB1341) in July 2017 changing the requirement for teachers to obtain a Professional Certificate. Please read information contained on the Professional Educator Standards Board web site at http://www.pesb.wa.gov/media/announcements. You can also find more information regarding this here.

How is my eligibility established so I can register for the ProTeach Portfolio?

As approved by the PESB, eligibility to register for the ProTeach Portfolio is established when you have taught for a minimum of 2 years and accumulated at least 1.5 FTE (Full Time Equivalent). Annually on October 1, teacher employment data are reported by school districts to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Verification of teacher eligibility occurs through daily data feeds between the ProTeach Portfolio registration website and OSPI. If your record is correct with the state, verification of your eligibility should be immediate at the time of registration. Follow the instructions on the screen if you receive an ineligible/exceptions message when you attempt to register. Use this downloadable form to help you correct your record with the state.

When can I start my ProTeach Portfolio?

You must hold a valid Washington residency certificate. You may begin your ProTeach Portfolio at the beginning of your third year of teaching, if you have accumulated at least 1.5 FTE. These eligibility requirements will be instantly verified at the time of registration. However, because all information about the ProTeach Portfolio assessment is available free-of-charge online, you can begin your preparation by reviewing the standards, criteria and assessment instructions at any time.

When can I apply for my professional certificate?

If you meet the ProTeach Portfolio passing score and have completed 2 full years of service accruing at least 1.5 FTE, you may apply for your professional certificate.

What do I need in order to register online?

Online registration is open and available every day of the year. You need only two items to register: 1) your Washington residency certificate number and 2) a method of online payment (e.g., credit card, e-check). Your eligibility will be instantly verified at the time of your registration. Once verified, you can proceed to create a username and password for access to your personal ProTeach Portfolio website.

How does the submission process work?

The ProTeach Portfolio offers choice and flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule. During registration, you will choose between two submission deadline dates. The length of time you choose to spend building your ProTeach Portfolio depends on your submission deadline date. It can range from 60 days to 14 months. Review the assessment calendar and portfolio requirements to choose a submission deadline date that works best for you.

What gets submitted?

The ProTeach Portfolio consists of three entries, each of which contains guiding prompts designed to help you build a portfolio that demonstrates your mastery of the professional certificate 3 standards and 12 criteria. You will work on the entries at your own pace, keeping in mind your submission deadline date. When submitting your portfolio for the first time, you will need to submit all three entries on or before the submission deadline date you selected during registration.

How is my portfolio scored?

Your portfolio submission will be scored by P–12 Washington educators and higher education faculty who must train and qualify before they are permitted to score. Each entry is scored by a scorer who is an expert in that entry. In addition, 1 of your 3 entries will be scored by another expert scorer. That means your portfolio submission will be scored by at least 4 different scorers. All identifying information is removed from your portfolio submission and steps are taken to ensure that scorers do not score submissions of teachers known to them.

How is my score determined?

Your response to each criterion will be judged on a 4-point rubric. Each of the 12 criteria receives a separate score and these scores are summed to create a composite score. The PESB will work with Washington educators to set a passing composite score, which you must meet or exceed in order to earn your professional certificate.

When can I expect to receive my scores?

Within 8 weeks after your submission deadline date, you will receive an e-mail stating that your scores can be accessed via your private, secure ProTeach Portfolio website. In addition, your scores will be provided automatically to the PESB and the Certification Office of the OSPI. Scores will also be sent to any support provider group you may have designated at the time of registration. (NOTE: Candidates selecting June 28, 2010, as their submission deadline date will receive their scores on Oct. 8, 2010.)

What happens if I don't meet the passing score?

All of your scores are automatically banked and you can choose to resubmit 1, 2 or all 3 of your entry responses. Your score report will contain helpful guidance for making these choices. You will need to register and pay for resubmission, select a submission deadline date and rebuild your portfolio by concentrating on the entry(ies) you selected to resubmit. Each entry you choose to resubmit will be scored in its entirety by 2 different scorers and you will receive a new composite score for your portfolio. As long as you remain eligible for the assessment, you may resubmit entries as many times as you wish in order to achieve the passing score.

Will resubmitted responses be scored differently than initial responses?

No. Scorers will not know whether the candidate whose portfolio submission they are scoring is an initial candidate or a resubmission candidate. Additionally, the highest score earned on each criterion within the response will always be used to calculate the composite score, regardless of whether the highest score was earned on an initial or a resubmitted submission.

* “Student” is defined as P–12 students and does not include adults/teachers.