June 28, 2019 Submission

June 28, 2019 will be the last WA ProTeach submission date. There will be no opportunity for candidates to resubmit work in the event that a passing score is not achieved after this submission.

Candidates registering for June 28, 2019 submission should register using the on-line registration software as described in the documentation. However, construction and submission of portfolios will NOT utilize the on-line system. Candidates should work offline to develop text and gather artifacts to support their work.

Click Here to download the document containing instructions for:

  1. How to Register to Submit,

  2. How to Construct your Portfolio

  3. How to Submit your Portfolio for Scoring

Click to Download Entry Templates

  1. Entry 1 Template

  2. Entry 2 Template

  3. Entry 3 Template

Posted: May 1, 2018