ProTeach Portfolio Library of Examples — Entry 2, Building a Learning Community

The Library of Examples is a collection of excerpts taken from actual ProTeach Portfolio candidate submissions. Corrections were not made to what candidates submitted. Because these excerpts were taken from a variety of candidates, they reflect a variety of writing styles and modes of presentation. No matter the style of writing, however, most important is how well the evidence addresses the guiding prompts and the rubric specific to each entry.

These examples are not templates for successful submissions. They should be used only for comparison purposes; each pair of excerpts provides a stronger and weaker response to the same textbox. The textbox number for each example is referenced at the top of the page and can be easily matched to the corresponding textbox number located on each entry rubric. You can compare your responses to the published pairs to determine whether or not your work contains sufficient evidence to fully address each guiding prompt. By examining each response and comparing the evidence within that response to the various levels of the rubric, you can determine where on the rubric your response might fall.

The Library of Examples is an evolving collection. Excerpts will be changed from time to time in order to provide a wider variety of writing styles and modes of presentation. However, always remember that you should remain focused on the evidence presented and how well that evidence satisfies the rubric.

Examples for Entry 2

Textbox Addresses Criterion Example PDF
2.1.1 N/A Textbox 2.1.1, Example
2.2.1 1c Textbox 2.2.1, Example
2.2.2 1c Textbox 2.2.2, Example
2.3.1 1e Textbox 2.3.1, Example
2.3.2 1e Textbox 2.3.2, Example
2.3.3 1e Textbox 2.3.3, Example
2.3.4 1e Textbox 2.3.4, Example
2.4.1 1g Textbox 2.4.1, Example
2.4.2 1g Textbox 2.4.2, Example